Welcome To Cheryl Laboratories


It is a leading manufacturing facility of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmoceuticals established in December 2004. Since inception, we have maintained a strong commitment to the worldwide growth for value and private label brands. Welcome to discover our company and its history and activities!


Cheryl Laboratories Ltd. is a leading contract manufacturer having specialized skills in handling highly complex dermatology products and packaging formats. Scaling up from R&D to commercial production of varied batch sizes, the group can handle even highly complicated products in stipulated time frame. The manufacturing facilities are designed to achieve cost-effectiveness, speed and flexibility.

Skin care

Our products are the true amalgamation of nature’s essential principles and the understanding of a modern biochemist’s vision. We have all the amenities and an able team to constantly innovate cutting-edge formulations of a diverse range of skin care products.  Our continuously growing product profile includes range of products

Anti acne, Moisturizing, Sun-screen, Skin Whitening, Skin lightening, Feet Care, Face mask, Scrubs, Gel, Creams, lotions, ointments facewash and wet wipes.

Intimate hygiene

Through our intimate product line, we endeavour to empower each woman with confidence. The flexibility of the product range ensures the pertaining issues of intimate hygiene are addressed without any discomfort. Our intimate hygiene range provides superior protection to minimize the incidence as well as alleviate common vaginal infections and protect the sensitive skin from damage.

Hair care

We formulate innovative hair care range to repair, maintain and restore your hair using only the best clinical grade raw materials. Harnessing the latest in scientific innovations, we ingeniously combine the unique ingredients for hair management. Apart from the beauty of hair, we also focus on products to maintain a healthy scalp condition for various clinical indications. We also specialise in hair growth products.

Our products include shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, hair oils, scalp cleanser, Hair gel etc.

Oral Care

In this segment, Cheryl Laboratories specialize in manufacturing world class products with different specifications targeting the overall oral hygiene.

Having years of experience we have worked with renowned players in the industry for manufacturing of toothpaste, mouth wash, oral spray etc.



Our Pharma division includes wide range of products with FDA and DCGI approvals targeting various clinical conditions. Utmost care is taken in manufacturing and development of these products, meeting the stringent requirement of regulatory bodies.   It includes oral syrups, multivitamin drops, paediatric syrups, Anti-fungals, Anti-bacterials, Anti-allergic, Wound healing, Pain management etc.  targeted for clinical condition.

Baby care

Baby care product segment signifies an opportunity to be part of budding consumer market. In tandem with our ideology, this product range is developed using the eco-friendly ingredients of superior quality for the gentle skin of the infant. We emphasize on the safety, hygiene and gentleness while manufacturing these products. Our baby care range includes products like baby oil, baby wash, Baby shampoos, Baby hair oil, baby creams, powders, wet wipes etc.

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