About Us

Why Cheryl Laboratory

Cheryl Laboratories is a Cosmeceutical Research, Development, and Manufacturing company focused on creating a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We Research, Develop, and Manufacture India’s most advanced products for the cosmeceutical industry.

Cheryl Laboratories collaborates with scientists and engineers to transform ideas into solutions by redefining possibilities using modern, innovative, and efficient ingredients and proven technologies. Cheryl Laboratories is passionate about creating cosmeceutical technologies that drive progress and help companies achieve their aspirations!

Our Mission,Vision and Commitment


To develop research proven, unique & cost effective cosmeceuticals by staying abreast with innovative, breakthrough technology thereby contributing pristine products to enhance people’s lives.


To expand the boundaries of cosmeceuticals and deliver unique, reliable & valuable products that enhances the quality of lives, today and in the future.


We commit to produce quality products with speed & agility by keeping attention to details and an adherence to perfection.

Our History

The company was originally founded by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and was acquired by Gopaldas Visram Co. Ltd in 2004. Cheryl Laboratories is a sister concern of Gopaldas Visram Co. Ltd, which has been in the industry since 1945.

The company is located in MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) area on an independent plot in the TTC (Thane Trans Creek) Industrial Area in Mahape, Navi Mumbai.